Posted by: runawayfaith | February 8, 2012

Running in mud

Getting started blogging after a long break feels like running in mud. I was a skittish contestant in the blog run and after several attempts, stoped. Here I am going at it again, gauging my steps, looking ahead through the mist of inexperience at this race, moving slowly. Each word like a step builds a sense of confidence. I’m not running yet, but I’m moving ahead.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 19, 2011

Gardening and Harvest

Two more to think about.


The weeds in the garden you tend

grow strong roots. Quite unseen they descend.

Pull them out. Rip the roots

And destroy tender shoots

For God strengthens you to amend.



The fruit in the garden you grow

Shows the life of the seeds that you sow

Plant them well. Do your part

Trust in God for his heart

Will mature and perfect what you know.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 19, 2011


I wonder how well I do this.


The person who pleases the Lord

will desire to walk in accord.

Root our envy and strife,

tend his heart, yeild his life,

to show others his God is adored.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 18, 2011



The end of this writing has come.

Inspiration and plodding have won.

The edits have shaved.

The best is now saved.

When I get my acceptance—it’s done.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 17, 2011


Another one to bring a smile to your face and your heart.


The plot is the story you tell.

Make it clear. Write compellingly well.

They will snap up your book

Paper, Kindle or Nook

And you’ll smile with each one that you sell.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 14, 2011

The Villain


The villain’s the target to chase.

And thrillin’s the setting of pace.

He may hide. He may run.

When the narrative’s done

the hero puts him in his place.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 13, 2011


Another limerick to make you smile.


The wisp of a tale starts to swell.

Haunting words in my mind I must tell.

And the characters stay

in my thoughts all the day

‘till I write and submit and then sell.

Posted by: runawayfaith | September 12, 2011


I surprised myself Saturday morning when I had an idea for a limerick. I’ll post others in the next few days. They put smiles on the faces of those I shared with at Word Weavers in Orlando. One even made us laugh.


I struggle to focus my sight.

Long writing makes eyes dry and tight.

Through the blur of my eyes

I press on for the prize

determined to get each word right.

Posted by: runawayfaith | June 15, 2011

More thoughts on unraveled threads

Finding God is like finding my bathing suit. Sometimes I think I remember just where He is and I discover a sense of disconnection instead. My thread of closeness feels broken. Then I look in all the right places and do all the right things, I pray, I read my Bible, I consult Christian friends, but loose ends dangle.

When Ifollow my normal routines,  I tune my internallyawareness to expectant waiting–He shows up. Not necessarily in the kitchen sink, but maybe in a TV ad that suddenly reminds me He seeks me more than I seek Him. Or I get bills and I feel the thankfulness that I can pay them.  Or nature seems particularly beautiful and a scripture jumps into my consciousness.

God isn’t in my kitchen sink, but He’s close by and involved in my tangled threads.

Posted by: runawayfaith | June 15, 2011

Unraveling the threads of life

Today life seems like a great piece of fabric, an outfit marred with tears and snags. I’m dealing with a recurrent sinus infection that makes me feel foggy headed and stifles my memory. Monday I “lost” my bathing suit, worn the previous night, but mysteriously absent in the morning. I’d rushed to get up and grabbed a protein bar and cup of coffee in my shop.

When I showered I’d puzzled over the missing suit I’d expected to find hanging up and drying in the shower, the place I usually stash it after rinsing it out. Hmm. Maybe I’d gone back out to the pool and draped it over a chair, or on a doorknob or even hung it in the closet with my purses. No bathing suit. I realized I was a bit fuzzy brained the previous night when I found the half bottle of water I’d intended to chill sitting in front of folded towels in the cabinet. Not chilled and obviously not where I’d intended to put it.

During the morning I’d tell my clients about the missing suit. Now really, who’d want to steal a one piece turquoise bathing suit? We’d laugh and periodically I excuse myself and dash off to look yet another strange place for the missing attire. Once I went out to check the trash. Could I have been so absent-minded I’d thrown it away? No luck there. I looked in my big storage closet. I looked in the drawer where I kept it when it was dry. No success.

Lunch came. I sais goodbye to my last morning client and went to the kitchen to fix lunch. There it was. In the sink. It all came back to me. I’ll rinse it out and then hang it in the shower…

So today I’m still a bit muddled as the treads of my life tangle in my head.

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